• Why is this program specifically for year 10 to 13 school students?

We identified this period of a child includes high potential, not yet settled to specifics, lots of energy, and a prime time to introduce “Engineering Entrepreneurship” 


  • What sort of proposal should I submit?   

This initial proposal is to let the teams think of a potential product/service. It does not need to be finalized. Proposal will be later refined with the support from the SLESA team coordinators, and resource persons. 


  • Should the proposals be fixed for the whole length of the program?

No. This will very likely be changed over the course with the input from the team coordinators and resource persons, what you learn about product market fit, etc.


  • How much effort each team member and team should be put together per week for the program?

There is no hard and fast time. But, we think at least 5 hours a week per team member will put the team in a good position in terms of progress.


  • Can we get assistance from others for the tasks?

Yes, you can. Only thing is you need to honestly mention what support, and from whom you received it. Also, you need to give credits to your supporters in the presentations/reports.


  • I don’t understand English well. Can I participate?

Yes, Of course. We deliver all seminars in English medium. We try to use more graphics, animations, and simpler English wherever possible. Also, team coordinators will be able to provide some translation assistance summarizing the seminars. We encourage all teams to learn English during the program, so you can connect with a wealth of knowledge and support in your future.


  • How should we prepare the best proposal for being shortlisted to 10 teams?

Proposal needs to show that you have thoughts about innovative Engineering solutions addressing problems in the society. Put simply what describe, what is the problem solved, what is your Engineering solution.


  • What is a MVP?

It is a minimum viable product. This is a small scale implementation of the product/service allowing the team to evaluate whether it solves the problem, and test it with the target audience. Idea is before putting more effort into a larger scale product/service development, develop on a small scale and validate the problem is worth solving with the proposed solution.


  • Where do I find additional resources about entrepreneurship ?

There are lots of resources available online. SLESA will put together a list of curated resources for your reference.