What We Do


Professional Development & Student Engagement

One of our main objectives is to create a platform that welcomes new arrivals to our community. We believe that providing a supportive environment with individuals of similar backgrounds and passions will help ease the sense of isolation experienced during the initial phase of settling in South Australia.

Our social events and professional development programs are organized with the purpose of creating this environment for new arrivals and young engineers. These events provide networking opportunities and experienced insights into skill sets required to meet local industry expectations better.

We recognize that young engineers, engineering students and school children aspiring to be competent engineers are our next generation leaders. Which is why SLESA endeavors to support young minds with their career passions. For example, engineering students experience  difficulties in securing work placement opportunities. With the help of our current members, we have been able to provide such opportunities for these students successfully.

Entrepreneurship Incubation


At SLESA, we encourage and facilitate project / technology incubation that can lead to start-ups or entrepreneurship with the help of industrial partnerships and subject matter experts within our community.

We facilitate and encourage members to strive for engineering excellence in the industries that we have been involved with  taking advantage  of our platform, underpinned by our highly skilled resource base, to promote their services  to the wider community.      

Social Events & Community Engagement

Socializing and having fun is key to a healthy and balanced life, which is why we organize social events throughout the year such as our annual family get-together which engages our members and their families in a day of fun and physically and mentally challenging activities.

‘Be active with SLESA’ is another example of a campaign where we organize outings to help our members, their families, and also their friends engage in outdoor activities. These casual events also allow socializing and networking  among like-minded people whilst enjoying an active lifestyle.

In addition to encouraging balanced and physically active lives, SLESA always endeavors to participate in charitable causes to help our local South Australian community and communities back home in Sri Lanka.